Newest In Probotics: Graindrops

Newest In Probotics: Graindrops

Your momma always said, listen to your gut! Well, she might have meant go with your instincts, but from a health perspective, listening to your digestive track can be sound advice too!

To help out in this area, many folks turn to probiotics. However vegans and those with dairy allergies or gluten sensitivity need to tread lightly as many probiotics contain dairy and wheat. Vegan probiotic drinks, like GoodBelly, have been around for years and have made drinking your probiotics a simple and delicious act. Based on this, you can imagine our excitement when we saw the latest probiotic drink on-the-block, Graindrops.

Based on this, you can imagine our excitement when we saw there’s a new probiotic drink on-the-block, Graindrops.

Graindrops is…

a delicious whole-grain beverage that’s triple-cultured, organic, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. Powered by biodynamic koji, Graindrops is a delightful blend of rich taste and bioavailable nutrients.

Check out more about Graindrops here and dive into an in-depth review by Alisa Fleming for here.

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