NEWS: Burger King Chairman Now Veggie King

NEWS: Burger King Chairman Now Veggie King

You can’t really get more meat-loving then a Whopper, right? Well, looks like ex-Burger King Chairman Brian Swette is all “burgered” out, and he’s doing something about it. This former top executive for PepsiCo has launched a new vegetarian food-line with his wife, and it all started with his daughter’s exploration of vegetarian living.

Swette, and his wife Kelly, created Sweet Earth Natural Foods, a company focused on all-natural vegan and vegetarian foods created with plant-based protein.

According to, Swette saw the light as it related to both health and sustainability:

“….I remember being in PepsiCo and realizing — this isn’t very good — it’s a great company … but industrial food is really a curse …. Knowing that health is one of the biggest challenges that face the country, I got this epiphany,” Swette said. “We could make a difference if we actually made a vegetarian food company”

Sweet Earth Natural Foods launched about two years ago and is now widely carried in major retailers like Target and Whole Foods. Check out their product locator to find their eats near you.

FRUX ADVICE: Don’ know where to start? We recommend a traditional BLT using the Sweet Earth Natural Foods Hickory & Sage Smoked Seitan Bacon. #nomnomnom


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