Pre-Soaking Beans May be a Thing of the Past

Pre-Soaking Beans May be a Thing of the Past

When we buy a bag of dried beans, we do it with the best of intentions. Our plans are sometimes grandiose and others include just a simple bean dish, but either way we’re going in bulk. However, the thing we always stumble over, is the pre-soak. We’re not good, as many of you can relate, to thinking eight, 10 or even 24 hours ahead of time. Historically, that’s what using dried beans meant. Pre-soak. Well, you can imagine our relief when we heard that pre-soaking might just be a myth.

Thankfully Russ Parsons, over at the LA Times has had similar concerns as it related to pre-soaking and recently dug up an article he wrote from 1994 that helps spell it out for us,”Beans: To Soak or Not to Soak, It’s No Longer a Question“.

Whoa, what, 1994? How did this comeback into the conversation?

Parsons was reminded of his older article by reading a recent piece over at by J. Kenji López-Alt entitled “So You Like Flavor? Don’t Soak Your Black Beans!

Both articles are totally worth a read and we highly recommend checking them out. Our favorite parts include:

  • The difference in cook time for soaked bean vs. a non-soaked bean is nominal, especially when flavor is taken into consideration
  • Both authors had similar results in all their tests: the soaked-and-rinsed beans were less flavorful then non-soaked
  • Non-soaked beans may have lead to less bloating after the author ate them

We plan on putting this info to use and suggest you do the same. Let us know how it goes in the comments below. And remember, beans are high in fiber and antioxidants, as well as packed with protein. So get to eatin’!

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