The (Potential) Problem with Fake Meat

The (Potential) Problem with Fake Meat

Have you heard, fake meat isn’t just for vegans anymore? People all over the world are looking for healthy, inexpensive protein alternatives and the latest products from companies like Beyond Meat mimic flavor, texture & nutrition in ways most never thought possible. You can see this in part by looking at the rise in plant-based diets.

We’re big fans of Beyond Meat’s Beyond Chicken & Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo but we know that more realistic meat alternatives can turn off meat eaters and vegans alike.

NPR’s Melissa Block spoke with Corby Kummer about his story in MIT’s Technology Review on the fake meat industry’s challenge to make fake taste as good as the real thing.

Check out this eight-minute audio segment features Mr. Kummer’s take on Beyond Meat, Just Mayo & something he referred to as “Buddhist Tofu.”

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